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A former chief of the U.S Bureau of Reclamation is advocating doing away with that agency which has built dams across the nation for more than a century.
Pope Francis confirmed his visit to the Mexican border city of Juárez to reporters on Wednesday during a papal flight to Kenya.
Since Aaron Marquez returned from Afghanistan three years ago, he’s been helping his former interpreter get a visa to live in the U.S. They finally reunited here in Phoenix last week.
A new rap song about violence in the Mexican border city of Juárez is getting a lot of attention despite political efforts to bury the city’s ugly past.
A Senate committee passed a bill this week that would allow volunteers to hunt bison at the Grand Canyon. Park officials say the herd has grown too big.
The Hopi High School boys cross country team just won its 26th consecutive state title. For the Hopi, running is a part of who they are, as it's been for centuries.
Mexico's secretary of foreign relations on Wednesday revealed the Pope Francis will visit the states of Micoachan, Chiapas and Chihuahua during his trip to Mexico early next year.
About 9,000 veterans live on the Navajo Nation. And many live in poor and overcrowded conditions, often without running water or electricity.
The Veterans Affairs Department in El Paso is implementing what could become a national model for health care reform. The plan is for the VA to focus primarily on specialized care unique to the military while outsourcing basic care to private providers.
Many Native Americans with Alzheimer’s are outcasts in their own communities. There’s little knowledge about the disease on reservations, let alone support and resources.
Western senators introduced legislation this week that would force companies to clean up — or at least set aside money to clean up — abandoned, inactive mines.
A coalition of government, industry and citizen groups are meeting Monday in Colorado to discuss air quality in the four corners region. The discussion will include new federal requirements on ozone emissions.
For years the chief justice of the Navajo Supreme Court was not required to have a law degree. That changed this week when the tribe’s president approved a bill to raise the standard.
Federal authorities have charged three New Mexicans in a plot involving the sale of Filipino-made jewelry that was falsely advertised as Native American.
The Navajo Nation president entered office in the wake of a major political drama. But now President Russell Begaye is trying to be both a spiritual guide and a policy maker.