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The federal government announced this week it has awarded more than $2 billion to people exposed to radiation during the atomic tests near Las Vegas in the 1950s. But it still has not recognized the county that was exposed to the highest levels of radioactive fallout.
Much of the nation’s fresh fruits and vegetables are grown in the Southwest. A successful harvest now relies on the convergence of three different arenas: farming, technology and venture capitalism.
The Navajo Nation has filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights against the United States government for allowing a Flagstaff ski resort to make snow out of reclaimed waste water on what they consider a sacred mountain.
The Texas Department of Public Safety is looking to fill vacancies along the U.S.-Mexico border with fresh recruits. The agency is accepting applications for an accelerated training program set to begin this summer.
Emergency crews are searching for one car that swept down Oak Creek and they’re keeping a close watch on Oak Creek Canyon. Last May’s Slide Fire has left the danger for mudslides and flooding.
Protests are planned in several cities over the plight of a Guatemalan transgender woman seeking asylum. The federal government is holding her in an all-male immigration detention unit in Arizona.
Attorneys representing immigrant families detained in Texas report the federal government has started setting bonds that would allow their clients to be released. But they argue the bond amount is set too high.
The 12-year-old girl from Ecuador hung herself last March at a migrant shelter in the Mexican border city of Juárez. Authorities are now saying she was sexually abused days before her death.
PHOENIX - Department of Homeland Security employees are preparing for a possible shut down of their agency. It’s due to a partisan fight over the president’s executive actions on immigration.
A federal district judge in Washington D.C. issued an injunction Friday that prevents the Department of Homeland Security from detaining immigrant families on the basis that it deters future illegal border crossings.
The decline in the price of crude oil is exacerbating an existing problem; theft of crude oil, tanks, pumps and tools from the nation's highest producing oilfield, the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico. And it turns out that in at least one cases, stolen material was smuggled to northern Mexico.
A helicopter airlifted 20 Northern Arizona University students and staff who were stranded in snow near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon Tuesday afternoon.
Federal and local law enforcement officers discovered a cross-border, underground drug smuggling tunnel in Naco, Arizona, on Tuesday. Agents were alerted to the tunnel after a truck was found carrying more than two tons of marijuana outside of Bisbee.
Almost 70 percent of Navajo children have untreated tooth decay, according to a recent University of Colorado study. That’s three times higher than the national average. The study blames a lack of access, saying there aren’t enough dentists for the largest tribe in the country.
The federal government has taken the first step in its efforts to reverse a Texas judge’s ruling that blocked the president’s executive actions on immigration. The Obama administration is asking the judge to put his ruling on hold while the case is appealed.