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The Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center is back in the news again after activists and construction crews faced off Monday.
Yuma Farmers Careful In Wake Of E. Coli Outbreak
Earlier this year, an E. coli outbreak was linked to romaine lettuce grown in Yuma. The CDC says the pathogen affected more than 200 people. As the new growing season is getting underway, we wanted to check in to see how that outbreak is impacting what farmers are doing now.
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We talked on The Show about the millions of dollars flowing in, both to support and defeat Proposition 127. But the opposition to 127 has focused a lot on the measure’s billionaire funding source — a name we’ve heard a lot.
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Why Do We Keep Building Houses In Places That Burn Down?
It’s a real estate paradox: the most desirable places to live are also among the most susceptible to wildfires. Mansions in the Santa Monica Mountains, tiny cabins tucked into the Angeles National Forest, and houses at the very edge of subdivisions are all beautiful because they’re surrounded by undeveloped land. But what makes them beautiful is also what makes them dangerous.
Is Housing Market Heading For Stagnation?
All signs say that consumer confidence is high and the economy is strong, but it turns out, the housing market is slowing, at least nationally.
Arizona Lands Contracts To Build New Rockets
The Defense Department has awarded more than $2 billion in contracts to three companies to build rockets. Some of the build-out of those rockets is slated to happen in Arizona.
Debating The Pros And Cons Of Clean Energy Measure
Supporters and opponents of a measure to increase the amount of renewable energy Arizona uses have spent millions and millions of dollars to try to influence your vote. It’s nearly impossible to watch TV for even a few minutes and not see an ad for or against Proposition 127.
How Neighborhoods Bear The Cost Of Tax Incentives
Tax incentives have been used by cities and states for years in the attempt to attract businesses and generate a newer revenue stream. But critics have argued that the government is picking winners and losers, and the promised positive impact rarely, if ever, pans out.
Glendale Gathering Public Input On Walking, Biking
Glendale is working on a plan to improve the way people get around without using cars or buses.
Canada Will Impose Steel Safeguards
Canada announced last Thursday it will impose new tariffs on steel imports, as the U.S., Canada, and Mexico continue to disagree on how to trade this important construction material.
Wings For Autism Helping Kids Learn How To Navigate Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is teaming up on a training exercise with a local organization that advocates for autism awareness.
Nuns On The Bus Talk Tax Policy Across The U.S.
A bus full of Catholic nuns is traveling from Santa Monica, California, to Mar-a-Lago, in Florida, between now and Nov. 2. They’re aiming to raise awareness of what they say are problems with the tax law signed by President Donald Trump late last year.
Glendales Generous Building Sale Price Raises Eyebrows
When a design showroom and manufacturer of outdoor furniture bought a building in downtown Glendale, more than a few eyebrows were raised. But it wasn’t the nature of the business, it was the price paid for the building.
Companies, Colleges Join For Research On Self-Driving Cars
You’ve seen the Waymo self-driving cars stopped at intersections, you’ve seen the Uber cars in your rearview, well here’s another name entering the Valley’s self-driving arena —The Institute for Automated Mobility.
On Wednesday and Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by more than 1,000 points combined — leading many to wonder whether the long-running bull market is on the wane.
Mexico 68 Olympics Design Is Still Revered, Disputed
The Mexico City Olympic Games began 50 years ago, on Oct. 12. The Games’ vibrant visual identity became the icon of an era and a country, and the style is celebrated as a cornerstone for contemporary graphic design. But its success also brought an ongoing dispute between people from both sides of the border.
Mexico Seeks ‘Lost’ Children Artists For 50th Anniversary Of 1968 Olympics
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AZ Rocket Company Receives $800M Air Force Contract
The U.S. Air Force has chosen three aerospace companies in which to invest $2 billion, including one that builds rockets in Chandler.
U.S. Interior Extends Mining Ban Near Yellowstone Park
U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has approved a 20-year ban on new mining claims in Montana near Yellowstone National Park.
ADEQ Seeks More Control Over Environmental Programs
There have been a number of efforts in Arizona — including at the ballot box — to give the state increased control over certain lands and environmental measures.
The Takeaway: Poverty In St. Louis Is Exacerbated By An Affordable Housing Crisis
President Trump's Council of Economic Advisers declared this summer that the "War on Poverty" was largely over.
Diverse Group Warns Of Impacts Of Proposition 126
A diverse group of opponents is coming out strongly against a ballot measure that would bar the Legislature from taxing services, saying it will decimate education and transporting funding.