With ‘Coco,’ Disney Returns To Mexico And Bets On Latinos

Rodrigo Cervantes - KJZZ
October 24, 2017

MEXICO CITY — The Día de Muertos festivities will be rather “animated” in Mexico, as Disney-Pixar Studios celebrate the world premiere for “Coco” here.

The Walt Disney Company is revisiting south of the border with a new digital animation. The film is called “Coco,” produced by Pixar Studios, and it marks the first time in nearly a century that Disney is returning to film a movie about Mexico. 

The movie tells the story of a Mexican boy reconnecting with his past and his family through the Day of the Dead festivity. As Miguel, the main character, dreams of becoming a mariachi singer, he encounters ghosts and traditions.

Disney-Pixar won’t publish the market shares of its Mexico and Latino audiences. But the co-director of “Coco,” Adrian Molina, said in a conference the movie honors that public and its contributions to the industry.

"I think we all embraced it as a real opportunity to feature the talent that is in the Latino community," Molina said. 

"Coco" started six years ago, but Lee Unkrich, director of the movie, said it has become more meaningful nowadays, considering the political and economic situation. 

"We are honored to be bringing hopefully some much-needed positivity into the world, specially when it comes to Mexico," Unkrich said.

"Coco" is Pixar’s first culturally specific film, and a return to Mexico for Disney since the 1944 film "The Three Caballeros."

The voice cast includes actors Edward James Olmos and Gael García Bernal.

The production team visited the states of Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Michoacán and Mexico City to get inspiration for the movie.