More Arizona Border Aid Workers Face Charges

January 24, 2018

The Arizona State University instructor accused of harboring undocumented immigrants recently appeared in federal court by telephone for a different case.

Scott Warren is one of nine members of the humanitarian group No More Deaths who face misdemeanor charges stemming from the group’s work on the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge.

The misdemeanors vary from entering the Wildlife Refuge without permit, to operating a vehicle in a wilderness area and abandoning property there.

Court records show the alleged crimes took place last June, July and August. Two groups of volunteers reportedly left water in a remote area about 20 miles west of Ajo, and a third responded to a search and rescue call.

No More Deaths says the Wildlife Refuge changed policy last year and banned leaving humanitarian supplies.

The manager of the Wildlife Refuge recently said the rule has always been in place.