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Mexican officials say they plan to send aid, including bottled water and electricity experts, to Puerto Rico as the U.S. territory reels from widespread damage left by Hurricane Maria.
One of Chile’s most celebrated authors has come to the Valley for a week-long literary residency.
US Supreme Court
The Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in a case that will decide if noncitizens have the same due process right to a bond hearing as citizens.
Earthquake damage in Tabasco, Mexico
Arizona businesses and individuals are continuing to donate toward relief for the earthquake that struck central Mexico last month.
Twenty-three countries sent help after the quake, including the United States. Last weekend, after more than a week of assistance, the U.S. rescue team returned home.
Arizona has hosted about 5,700 guest farmworkers through the federal government’s H-2A visa program this year, and the number has been growing since at least 2011.
The deadline for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals renewal applications is Thursday, Oct. 5, but recipients of the program have been strongly encouraged to have theirs in the mail no later than Monday, Oct. 2.
Local activists are making a final push to help people with DACA status apply for a renewal ahead of the Oct. 5 deadline.
If you get Usama Shami and Bob Hake in the same room together, it doesn’t take long for the laughter to start and stories about their kids recent antics to begin flowing. Sitting down with them, it's easy to see that these guys are best friends. It all started 10 years ago with something quite mundane, a parking problem.
Arizona ranks among the top states for refugee resettlement, but the Trump administration wants to slash the number of displaced people allowed into the United States next year.
Navajo leaders say the tribe has a potential buyer for its coal-fired power plant in northern Arizona. It’s set to retire in two years unless a new owner can be found by Oct. 1.
Isabel Arce and her sister Veronica Arce
Discrimination takes on many forms. It can be blatant and degrading. This is the story of what happens to two sisters from a small town when they go to the big city.
Congress is considering legislation that would help fund public safety programs and victim services in Indian Country.
Reporting Hate
Mexico’s capital has legalized gay marriage and promotes tolerance, but homophobic jokes and slurs still prevail. So what do you do when the situation plays against you — and within your closest circle?
Customs and Border Protection logo
Contractors trying to win the bid for the Trump Administration’s border wall began building their prototypes, Tuesday.