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In Tucson, the food wars over the Sonoran hot dog now involve the FBI. A federal grand jury indicted the owner of a hot dog stand in East Tucson for threatening to kill his rival.
The crowd included dairy farm workers, day laborers and nannies waving American flags. The governor argues that the current law invites out of state criminals to obtain the state driver's license fraudulently.
There's Cabo San Lucas, the popular tourist destination, and then about 80 miles east there's Cabo Pulmo. That's where scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography discovered the unexpected.
Construction projects at ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border are facing challenges due to federal budget cuts.
During an era of budget cuts and stricter immigration enforcement, many immigrants wonder whether getting public assistance can affect their ability to stay in the U.S.
One bill before the state legislature would recognize the role mental manipulation plays in the crime.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been under fire over its "Secure Communities" program. In the latest twist, the battle between states and federal officials may end up in the courts.
Schools across the Southwest are opening this month with smaller budgets and fewer resources, forcing districts to come up with creative ways to make up for huge monetary losses.
A grunion run, a Rocky Horror flash mob, beer and chocolate. It's another eclectic mix of options for your San Diego weekend.
A university study suggests a nutrient found in dark chocolate can significantly boost the results of your workout. And, of course, your spirit.
Eswan Flores, 18, races thoroughbred horses with seasoned veterans, even though he still wears braces.
A migrant education program in California has been recognized for helping students of farm working families enter college.
UCSD medical students don't have far to go to get some real world experience in global health. A new free clinic is operating in Tijuana that's staffed by students from both sides of the border.
A board of governors still needs to approve the hiring of CJ Karamargin for the public relations position. He served as Giffords’ spokesman since 2007 and handled much of the media inquiries after the January 8 shootings in Tucson.
Southern New Mexico is expected to become a commercial transportation hub for every day products. Union Pacific is set to begin construction on the largest rail facility along the U.S.-Mexico border.