The Valley’s high temperatures bring a drop in tourism — but they also bring lower prices which attract certain groups. Many religious, social and sport groups take advantage of lower rates that are written in Phoenix law.
Opera is grand, beautiful and, of course, dramatic — and so are the costumes that help tell classic stories. For Arizona Opera costume designer Kathleen Trott, it’s a creative endeavor.


Talking Stick Resort has been closed for a week now, following last weekend’s flooding and evacuation. The hotel and casino was scheduled to reopen Sunday, but employees need more time to repair damage caused by heavy rains.
The sales and marketing director of has pleaded guilty to conspiring to facilitate prostitution.
Health officials say an out-of-state visitor may have exposed an untold number of people in Northern Arizona to measles. No new cases have been reported, but that could change.
The state's largest electric company hopes to block a public vote on a renewable energy initiative by charging that initiative organizers purposely submitted signatures that were invalid.
A growing number of Arizona parents and teens are walking away from football and other sports. Nearly eight in 10 teens who have had concussions admit they’re afraid of the long-term impact of suffering hits to the head.

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Photographer Tomas Ayuso captures the plight of Honduran youth struggling to survive in a violent country — and thinking about fleeing to stay alive.
Khan inherits several big challenges, including Pakistan's faltering economy, and managing relations with China and the U.S.
The holy event starts Sunday and lasts until next Friday.
On a national day of mourning in Italy, questions remain about how a highway bridge gave way, killing dozens.
A law firm found sexual abuse by seven now-former staffers against 16 students — going back as far as 1969 and lasting until 1992.