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The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office is on track to have a record number of search and rescue operations in northern Arizona this year.
The number of DUI arrests in Arizona has dropped steadily over the last five years. And authorities believe car services like Uber and Lyft have played a big part.
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey met with his Sonora counterpart Friday at an annual Arizona Mexico commission summit in Mexico. The governors signed two major agreements in education and in transportation.
The Spanish-speaking population in the United States is an attractive market for many broadcasters, including Mexican company TV Azteca. And this week, they closed a deal with an American firm in an attempt to grow in the U.S.
Bears Ears
Newly leaked documents show President Donald Trump plans to shrink two large Utah monuments by nearly two-thirds. The president plans to visit Utah on Dec. 4 to make the announcement.
A Texas sheriff, who was among the first people to reach two badly injured U.S. Border Patrol agents, said he thinks they may have been sideswiped accidentally by a tractor-trailer, not attacked, as President Donald Trump and some others have suggested.
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Mexico’s grown into one of the top tourism destinations in the world, especially for American tourists seeking travel and adventure. But at the Arizona Mexico Commission in Rocky Point this week, tourism officials said now they’re focusing on older American tourists.
A U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent shot and killed a suspected undocumented immigrant in the mountains southwest of Tucson Wednesday after the man attacked the agent’s partner and got control of their weapon, federal authorities say.
Three decades ago Gallup, New Mexico, was known as Drunk Town, USA. For many years it ranked number one nationally in the number of alcohol-related deaths. The community, which borders the Navajo Nation, has worked hard to save lives and change its image.
The Washington Times reported Monday that Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva is accused of creating a hostile work environment for a female employee and paid out nearly $50,000 to prevent a lawsuit. The Democrat is pushing back as he joins a growing list of congressmen accused of abusing their power.
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An early Tuesday morning shootout between Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers and a Phoenix murder suspect closed Interstate 10. It’s the third time that state troopers were caught in a gunfight in the area this year.
Copper Mine
A group of environmentalists in Arizona sued the U.S. Forest Service Monday to stop a mining operation in Southern Arizona.
More than two months after earthquakes on Sept. 7 and 19 killed hundreds and displaced thousands in central Mexico, some survivors are calling on authorities to file criminal charges for poorly built or maintained buildings.
For the first time, Mexico is seeing women play in a professional league of the country's most popular sport: soccer.
About half of Puerto Rico remains without power two months after Hurricane Maria, and the U.S. commonwealth’s status as a so-called colony was part of the discussion at a recent symposium on the aftermath of the storm.